Trails at Amicalola Falls

East Ridge Trail (Old Appalachian Approach Trail)

1 mile. Rated moderate to strenuous. Not blazed.
Previously used as the approach to the famous Appalachian Trail, this trail follows part of an old roadbed from the Visitor Center to the top of the waterfall.

Creek Trail

0.6 miles. Rated moderate. Blazed yellow.
This scenic walk leads from the Visitor Center to the Reflection Pool at the base of the falls. Seasonal fishing is allowed in this small pool and the creek downstream (fishing license required).

Spring Trail

Stairs across from Falls 0.4 mile. Rated moderate. Blazed orange.
This trail connects the parking lot of the West Ridge/Falls Access Trail to the Mountain Laurel Loop Trail.

Mountain Laurel Loop

1 mile. Rated moderate. Blazed green.
This wooded loop runs along the ridge above Amicalola Creek. Access is provided by the Spring Trail or Creek Trail.

New Appalachian Approach Trail/Base Of The Falls Trail

The park’s most popular and scenic trail follows the creek and waterfall on a series of stairs and decks. This trail is moderate to strenuous due to the steep slope and stairs, and a few benches are provided along the way. Hikers travel one mile to the falls overlook and an additional 7.5 miles to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

West Ridge Falls Access Trail

Amicalola Falls 0.3 miles. Rated moderate to easy. Wheelchair accessible with gentle slope.
One of the best views of the falls is found on this easy trail. The gently sloping, recycled-tire surface is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

Lodge Fitness Loop

0.25 mile loop. Rated easy. Wheelchair accessible.
Paved surface with educational displays. Trail is lighted for early morning and/or evening use.

Hike Inn Trail

Hike Inn 5.5 miles. Rated moderate. Blazed yellow.
This provides the only access to the backcountry Len Foote Hike Inn, and a permit must be obtained from the Visitor Center. Overnight guests (reservations required) are treated to hot showers and family-style meals.

Lodge Fitness Trail

Easy access from the lodge. More than 20 exercise stations are found along the wooded route.